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Fitness Equipments

About Our Founder

Much like many of us fitness enthusiasts I started off my fitness journey at 11 years old in the living room of my house, equipped with the absolute worst set of weights imaginable. Although I was able to lose 60lbs the weights I had did not help much in terms of muscle growth. After finally having the bar of my weights snap in half I finally decided to invest in some better equipment. Much to my surprise this new equipment wasn’t so sturdy. The rack and bench I had purchased were so flimsy I felt like I was swimming every time I benched. And despite this lack of quality the rack and bench were not cheap and took up a lot of space. I just felt that there had to be some better way of equipping the home gym. I believed there had to be equipment out there that was actually functional and durable enough to allow the home gym to be a place where quality workouts could be achieved with minimal space. For this reason I founded Opus Strength in order to provide the world with the best in home gym equipment. 

Our Mission

Our mission here at Opus Strength is to provide the highest quality gym equipment possible so that no matter the reason, the body of your dreams is within your grasp.

The Full Story

Gym Tools

Our Vision

Our vision here at Opus Strength is to see that no home gym goes ill equipped. Failing or subpar equipment should not be an obstacle in anyone’s fitness journey.

The ability for someone to exercise is crucial for overall physical and mental health. So we feel that by providing quality fitness equipment we are one step closer towards a happier and healthier world. 

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